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Some information about us

Our method of delivery

Our lorry is smaller than the more normal lorries used by other firms but can lift 1 Ton bulk bags over 6ft fences with ease, and also get in smaller dirveways if necessary. 

What we do

We can deliver small loads on a transit tipper and can aslo supply halfsize bulk bags by means of small crane on the transit. We deliver conventional bulk bags of most types of building materials and also driveway chippings as well as plum slate etc...

What we supply

We supply all grades of sand and gravel. Also we supply various grades of topsoil and organic compost, shingle and granite chippings, decorative slate including plum slate, cotswold chippings and white dolomite chippings, pebbles and cobbles, and type one as well as road planings crushed concrete etc. 

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